Chardonnay - Founders Reserve Club


In the Founders Reserve Chardonnay Wine Club you'll receive 12 bottles of our new releases, library or special offerings twice a year at 25% off the full retail price. You will receive the same 20% discount on any additional wine purchases.

Depending on which wines are included, each shipment will range in price from $225-$310 + tax and shipping. ($30 approximate shipping cost)

Wines will ship/be available for pick up in the spring and in the fall. Each shipment will have “Pick Up” weekend dates available if you choose to pick up your wine at the winery or in the Saratoga Tasting Room rather than having it shipped to you.



  • Save 25% on retail prices on wine included in the Wine Club Distribution.
  • 25% discount on any additional wine purchases.
  • Get invited to Wine Club Members only events (ie special tastings, Pick Up BBQ and winemaker dinners).
  • Members receive complimentary wine tastings both at the winery and at the tasting room in Saratoga.


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